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Why you choose European Classic Furniture?

Why you choose European Classic Furniture?

We have to remember that European classic furniture is only suitable for spacious room. It will not suit if we furnish them in a limited space of a house. The big and bulky size with detailed ornament of carvings as the characteristic of European classic furniture will only make a room look full and narrow. To set the European classic theme in your rooms, you also need to pay attention to the color of the walls and rugs to strengthen the feel.

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Luxurious Living Room
Luxurious Living Room
European Classic teak furniture usually uses natural colors such as dark brown and light brown. It is rarely combined with any other colors. The carving patterns of European classic furniture are more complicated and emphasizing on details usually showing parts of the plant from flowers, leaves, fruits and climbing plants or spirals. Those patterns symbolize prosperity, beauty, love and peace. The wood for the furniture usually has bigger size and bulky. For the chairs, the European classic furniture is usually accentuated with deep buttoned.

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Classic European mahogany furniture pieces will look best if they are placed in bedrooms and living rooms. It also gives a cozy and rich feeling in your rooms. Place a classic and antique dresser set to light up your bedroom. Place upholstered sofas and classic center table in the living room and complimented with classic style of ornament furniture like ornate lamp to radiate the rich and warm feeling inside the room.

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